Samsung Level U PRO Wireless Headphones

  • Stylish
  • premium design with two-way speaker units
  • UHQ Audio for superior sound



Samsung Level U PRO Wireless Headphones:

Samsung Level U PRO Wireless Headphones are the best headphones available on the Mobile Masters. These headphones are present with unique and amazing features.

These headphones are stylish, unique, premium design with two-way speaker units and the most important UHQ audio for the superior sound. These are amazing accessories for mobile phones. These headphones are available in black color which is very sophisticated. As far as Ultra High-Quality Audio is concerned this technology provides a very true 24bit digital audio which is experienced with the frequency range up to 2x wider than a standard CD-quality wireless sound. The user of these headphones listens to vivid and concert hall sound due to the usage of noise isolation ear gels. Ultra High-Quality Audio is mostly compatible with selected Samsung devices. These headphones have very flexible urethane joints and are designed in the way that they are lightweight for a comfortable fit. These headphones are very decent and of advance technology. The control system of these headphones is easy to use. Control system includes control volume, play, pause, and track advance. The unique thing is ergonomic around the neck design of these headphones offers an easy way to keep your calls and music accessible. The ear gel, sweat resistance, and splash make these headphones worthy day by day.

These headphones are ideal for the customers and that is why our customers get addicted to these types of unique products. So these are best for the active listeners. Two-way speaker units are the best features and echo cancellation reduces the outside interference of sounds. The ideal feature of Samsung Level U PRO Wireless Headphones is the microphone noise reduction. You can easily get these unique headphones from the Mobile Masters. For contact us, you can visit our website.

Samsung UHQA Studio Sound

Ultra High-Quality Audio (UHQA) technology delivers a true 24bit digital audio experience with up to 2x wider frequency range than standard CD-quality wireless sound. Combined with noise-isolating ear gels, listeners experience vivid, concert hall sound. UHQA is compatible with select Samsung Galaxy devices.

Two-way Speaker Units

The 13mm Dynamic and 13mm Piezo speaker units deliver high-quality, clear sound. The dual-microphone noise reduction and echo cancellation reduce outside sound interference and feedback during calls.

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