Built-in magnets let you attach the earbuds together
around your neck, a convenient way to trasport when
not in use.



Magnetic Earbuds:

Magnetic Earbuds are available with amazing and unique features. People prefer to buy these earbuds as the quality of these earbuds beats the others. The more important quality of these earbuds is its uniqueness. These earbuds are very comfortable and easy to use and are built-in magnets that help you to attach both earbuds together easily around your neck. These earbuds are portable this means you can take them anywhere at any time.

These earbuds are available in different colors, these colors are red, blue and black. These magnetic earbud have tangle-free portability this means it’s easy to take anywhere. You can put it in your bag without any worry because they are tangled e-free.

These magnetic earbuds have multiple phones connectivity. You can easily talk 10 hours and the charging time of this magnetic earbud is 2 hours. In these hours earbuds will be fully charged. There are buttons for different functions like for multimedia control, call answering and volume control button. The best feature of the magnetic earbud is their auto-connectivity. There is also an internal microphone for hands-free communication.

You can easily connect to different types of mobiles and easily talk up to 10 hours and the music playback time is also 10 hours. You can easily answer the call with call answering button and adjust the volume according to required intensity.

The auto-reconnect feature of these magnetic earbud makes these earbuds more attractive. The overall features of these earbuds compel the customers to buy these magnetic earbuds. These earbuds are available at the Mobile Masters. These are present at affordable rates and everyone can enjoy the unique features of this magnetic earbud. The quality of these earbuds is outstanding and no one can deny the quality of this product. You can easily get this magnetic earbud from our site.


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Black, Blue, Red

Product Overview

• Magnetic earbuds for tangle-free portablity
• Multiple phone connectivity
• 10 Hours of talk and music playback time
• 2 Hours full charge time
• Call answering and volume control
• Multimedia control buttons
• Auto-reconnect feature
• Internal microphone for hands-free communication

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