The iPhone X was a demanding cellphone last year but now iPhone XS Max, XR, and XS have all the features that you have ever wished for. All these series have new A12 Bionic chip and also OLED screen so this means both have a brighter screen and faster performance and this will not use much battery and the battery life of these series is good.
As far as colors are concerned the Apple iPhone XS Max and Apple iPhone XS ship in space gray, gold and silver color.
Looks are not everything, what’s inside counts a lot. This new series is available with plenty of improvements. The boosted battery life of the Apple iPhone XS will last 30 mins more than the battery life of Apple iPhone XS Max. The battery timings of the Apple iPhone XR is 90 minutes more than that of iPhone 8.
The A12 Bionic processor is almost 15 % faster than the old version A11 processor. The storage plenty with the options of 64GB,256GB, and 512GB.All the new iPhone smartphones have the Nano-SIM, wireless charging, e-SIM dual-SIM capabilities, face ID and Animoji technology.
iPhone Max XS, XR and XS series has the crystal-clear images and videos result. All these 3 smartphones have the front-facing camera with 7-megapixel Face ID. There is no such need of advertising iPhone because of it’s worth but if you really want a smartphone with the unique and quality features then go for iPhone because it has some unique charm. The upgraded iPhone smartphones show that how much worthy they are. If you have enough money then your priority must be the iPhone.
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